Monday, October 11, 2010

Here is one of the aprons I have created. It is one of the newer ones I have made. I love the embroidery on it and the ties on the back of the apron are so pretty. I made the ties out of a Tommy Hilfiger shirt I had that shrunk in the wash, so it went into the "sewing" pile to be transformed into something new.........
Front of embroidered apron.

Back view with ties.

Here is the kitchen towel I made to go with it. I just took some of the extra material I had leftover from the apron and made roses to go on it as well as the embroidered flower.

Sorry about the bad picture!!

Front of skirt with pocket.
  I love this apron. There is nothing better to me then eylett lace material. It makes me feel like I am in the Victorian era. Or the 40's....take your pick.
Here is the kitchen towel that goes with the set.

Another apron with a halter top.

And you have to have the matching kitchen towel right. This one is made to hang off the stove. 

Ok I am off to bed. Caleb is sick again with his allergies, like always. Poor kid. Keep praying for him....

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  1. I love the blue one Mrs. Crafty! When I get to be a real adult I want one...with a curse word embroirdered on the front. That way I can wear it in front of Mom and giggle.

    I also wanted to say I love your writing voice. It holds a warmth and familiarity that really pulls you in. I think your blog is going to go far ;)

    Keep writing my sister! I love you a thousand night skies.