Sunday, October 31, 2010

Discovery Museum in Huntersville

Discovery Place opend a new location in Huntersville so the boys and I decided to give it a try. It was so amazing!! There was so much to do and see. There was a real firetruck that caught Calebs attention as soon as we got there. He put on the uniform and went to drive around and save the day. There was also an ambulance to ride on and a patiect in the back to treat. Wow......

Here is the firetruck in all it's glory.

And Caleb on the fire pole. Every boy's dream come true.

Here is Cody at the bank. He is the teller sending money thru to his customer. There were deposit slips, a microphone and vault. The red car moved back and forthand would stop in front of the ATM.

Hopefully Cody will be better then his mommy at depositing and not with-drawing!!!

Next we went to the garage where the boys took the tires on and off over and over. There was oil to change, antifreeze to fill and each bottle made the glug sounds as you turned them over. You were also able to take off the muffler from under the car and put a new on on.

Caleb loved being able to slide under the car to see how everything worked.

Hunters favorite part was the ship and submarine. He and some other boys he made friends with played there forever. It is amazing how they come up with these games to play with eachother.

Sorry about the sideways sub pictures. I have not figured out how to change it on the blog yet. There were so many buttons and gauges to use. Hunter was thrilled. 

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