Monday, November 22, 2010

It's a red and white Christmas.

The very first all white tree from the Thompson household. It is so much better in person. I wish you all could see it...... Hint, hint......

When the lights are on it glitters like nothing I have ever seen before. It is like there is real ice all over the tree and the reflections are so pretty. The boys get up in the morning and thie first thing they want to do is go downstairs and turn the tree on.

Mark told me that this is his favorite tree I have made so far. That made me giddy as you all know how much he loved the blue tree I made for him that was covered in snow. Christmas rocks!!

The best thing about this is that ALL of the decorations came from the dollar tree!! I love that place at Christmas time. I already had all of this stuff from a few years ago and just used it in new ways. I have been making all kinds of new things this year. It has been so fun.....

 I made this Merry Christmas banner last year. I found the birds at Michaels a few weeks ago in the $1 bins and knew just waht to do with them. I have fallen in love with birds this year and have been adding them to the house as I find them.

I have so many pretty vases that I have been able to do all kinds of Christmas touches all over the house. MaryBeth gave me the ice skates years ago and I fill them with the same flowers year after year. I love that added touch of whimsey. Thank you maryBeth.

I will add more pictures later so you can see the rest of the things I have been up to. Love you all.....

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The boys and I in the kitchen making dinner.

The boys wanted to help make dinner tonight so......
That is what we did. Poor caleb is not able to eat the fish we were having but he wanted to at least
put it on the baking dish. That is when the real fun began!!!

                                                              The boys ready to make fish.
                                                     I love my mommy....
                                                                                    Smile for the camera Cody...
                                                      What a cute face.....ready to be creative.

 There is nothing cooler then butterfly fish sticks. Caleb is such a little artist.
 He is so proud of his dinner creation. It tasted really good too!!!

                                                                        Dinner is served.......

The start of Christmas!!!

I had to do Christmas early this year. As you know I have not been in the Christmas decorating mood for the lase two years but this year....WOW. I have been so inspired by all the blogs I have been reading. I knew that I would not be able to wait till after Thanksgiving to start.

Here is one of the pillows I made from an old sweater I found. I made the stems and flowers out of the scraps. I love how it turned out so I decided to make another one.

Here is the other one I made. This one is my favorite!!

It is so much fun to be creative in this way.

So why stop there. I just kept on going and now have a couch full of warm sweater pillows.

                                      You have to love snowflakes and candy cane ruffles and roses.

              This sweater use to be a childs sweater dress. Not anymore. This is now the pillow I take a nap on.
I just unbutton it to get the pillow insert out and wash...... Handy when you have three little boys.