Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My sewing weekend away and all my creations.

I am so excited to show you all the things I created on my weekend away with the girls. We had 4 full days to sew and scrapbook to our hearts content. I was burned out on day 3 so I went home early but I am still pleased with what I created. So here we go!!!

 This is my pride and joy of the weekend. My tree and nest pillows. I had so much fun cutting out each leaf and egg and adding embroidery to many of the appliques. I thought it added a whimsical touch to them. I loooooove the colors as well. I am really into girly colors right now and I love it.

 I did the pillows with a envelope back and it actually was really easy to do. I have not added the buttons yet so I will do that soon.
 I just drew the tree freehand and made sure to leave the branches with enough room for leaves.
 I did all of this freehand as well. I know that they do not all look like "eggs" but hey, that is whimsey for ya!

 I love french knots!! They are really fun to do and I love how they look. I did not want any of the leaves or eggs to be perfect so I just did "messy" stiches all over. Remember "whimsey"!!
                                                                       Be still my heart.

 This is the purse I made!!! I actually got the fabric from Walmart....I know, Walmart....who knew?
 I created the pattern myself and just kind of "put it together". I am sooooo pleased with it and all my friends were asking me to make them one. It made me feel really good.
 I love the handles. I think the color set's off the fabric really well. It is going to be perfect for spring.

I can tell you right now that I will be doing this alot!! I have so much fun fabric calling my name, screaming to be made into Christina purses......

 I know...you are wondering what in the world this is......well I am going to tell you.....
 Sorry for the fuzzy picture. So I seem to always fall in love with open bottom purses. You know the kind that have no pockets and you can't find anything in the jummbled mess at the bottom? I hate that. What I need is pockets and lot's of them or it is not pretty.
 This is my purse organizer!! There are pockets for my phone, pens, my ipad, paper, ect. Now I just take out my purse organizer and place it into a new purse whenever I want and I am already organized. I love it!!

I had to add my signature rosettes that I love to make. I showed some of the girls how to make them. They were going to add them to some of the quilts they were working on.

Well I am going to have to sign off for now. I am tired and ready for bed. I will show you the rest of my creations tomorrow........  Have a great night.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Our favorite place in Washington.

So God knew that we were in need of a place, a special place to get away from all the stress of living here. He provided it for us on Sat. evening. I took Cody and Caleb to the YMCA and on the way there we kept seeing all of these beavers!! Awesome for the little boy who loves all animals. So I decided to go on a little drive to find more. We drove past the YMCA which we have never done before, DUHHHHHH. All of a sudden right in front of us is this HUGE waterfall! It was amazing and we all started screaming at the same time.

We took all the boys there on Sunday for a picnic and to go fishing. We had the best time as a family. The boys said that they wanted to live there and I have to say I would be fine with the idea.

Here is the dock to go fishing on. There are picnic tables off to the left under a bunch of trees and that is where we had our lunch. We did a devotion with the boys and then fishing. Next came an amazing hike.

Here is sweet little caleb posing for mommy!

My handsome Caleb with the best smile in the world.

My Hubby of 10 years. Be still my heart!!

And just one picture of Hunter as he still will not let me take pictures of him!!! Growl!!
I will post more picture of our new piece of Heaven later. I have to pick up the little ones. Have a great day.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Some amazing things.

I have been on many blog's as of late and I am always inspired by what I see. I wanted to share some of the beautiful pictures I have found and hopefully bring a little joy your way and maybe some inspiration to get creative. I hope you enjoy them.

I wish I knew how to make these. I really need some!!

You have to have the matching necklace to match. These were found in an Etsy shop if you are interested.

These are made from paper doilies and scrapbook paper. I just love how they look.

So are you ready to make some of your own? If you do send me a picture so I can post it for all to see!! 

I am planning of making these soon and use it as a pin cushion.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Our amazing drive to Montana

So we took a road trip with the boys and needless to say it was breathtaking. I was gasping every 10 min and Mark every 5. He was grinning like a little boy on Christmas. It was awesome. Hunter on the way home said he had NEVER seen anything so beautiful and thought God was amazing. You have to love that. here are some of the pictures but I have to say they are NOTHING compared to the real thing.

Amazing isn't it!! We loved every second of it. Hope you like the view as much as we did......