Monday, October 11, 2010

Finally some pictures!!!

 Ok, so I have finally figured out how to get the pictures the way I want them. What a pain. Well here are some of the reusable snack and sandwich bags I have made. I love them because you just rinse or wipe them out if needed. They are very sturdy and PRETTY if I don't say so!!! I have all kinds of new oilcloth and laminated fabric so I will have new designs soon.
                                                                                       These make me so happy. I will be posting these for sale on the Etsy site  this week. Tell your friends.

Here is one of the snack bags. It has a squared off
 bottom so that it holds more, like yummy popcorn!!
Sandwich Bag.

The back of the sandwich bag is as pretty as the front. 

The inside of each bag is lined as well for easy cleaning.

Well, tell me what you think? I will do my next post on some of the aprons I have made. Mary Beth is about to clean me out of aprons. She has been giving them as teacher gifts. She is making a huge order of things for Christmas gifts as well. Fun stuff!!!

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