Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My sewing weekend away and all my creations.

I am so excited to show you all the things I created on my weekend away with the girls. We had 4 full days to sew and scrapbook to our hearts content. I was burned out on day 3 so I went home early but I am still pleased with what I created. So here we go!!!

 This is my pride and joy of the weekend. My tree and nest pillows. I had so much fun cutting out each leaf and egg and adding embroidery to many of the appliques. I thought it added a whimsical touch to them. I loooooove the colors as well. I am really into girly colors right now and I love it.

 I did the pillows with a envelope back and it actually was really easy to do. I have not added the buttons yet so I will do that soon.
 I just drew the tree freehand and made sure to leave the branches with enough room for leaves.
 I did all of this freehand as well. I know that they do not all look like "eggs" but hey, that is whimsey for ya!

 I love french knots!! They are really fun to do and I love how they look. I did not want any of the leaves or eggs to be perfect so I just did "messy" stiches all over. Remember "whimsey"!!
                                                                       Be still my heart.

 This is the purse I made!!! I actually got the fabric from Walmart....I know, Walmart....who knew?
 I created the pattern myself and just kind of "put it together". I am sooooo pleased with it and all my friends were asking me to make them one. It made me feel really good.
 I love the handles. I think the color set's off the fabric really well. It is going to be perfect for spring.

I can tell you right now that I will be doing this alot!! I have so much fun fabric calling my name, screaming to be made into Christina purses......

 I know...you are wondering what in the world this is......well I am going to tell you.....
 Sorry for the fuzzy picture. So I seem to always fall in love with open bottom purses. You know the kind that have no pockets and you can't find anything in the jummbled mess at the bottom? I hate that. What I need is pockets and lot's of them or it is not pretty.
 This is my purse organizer!! There are pockets for my phone, pens, my ipad, paper, ect. Now I just take out my purse organizer and place it into a new purse whenever I want and I am already organized. I love it!!

I had to add my signature rosettes that I love to make. I showed some of the girls how to make them. They were going to add them to some of the quilts they were working on.

Well I am going to have to sign off for now. I am tired and ready for bed. I will show you the rest of my creations tomorrow........  Have a great night.

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