Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Proverbs 31 Bag Review!!

Proverbs 31

My very good friend Barb Proia sent some amazing goodies to me to review for her. Barb is part of the 31 team and she is in the process of working towards being a director for "31". This company is amazing, enough so that I am considering becoming part of the team myself! They are a Christian based company and sell the greatest products. Bags, baskets, kids and baby items....and the patterns are incredible.

Barb sent me the Organizing Utility Tote in the St. Andrews Tartan print.

I love the print and have used this bag non-stop since I received it.

Can you believe how big the pockets are? Many bags have numberous pockets but they are not wide enought to fit anything of use in them. I can fit 3 water bottles in each pocket!!

The inside is HUGE as well. I take all of my sewing with me and I can still fit my computer in it. They have all kind of pictures in the catalog of different ways you can use each bag. In one they use it for organizing all of your cleaning supplies. All of the big bottles fit in the outside pockets and the bigger ones go inside. Then you just tote it to each room. Another use was a diaper bag, scrapbook supplies organizer, picnic bag or school organizer.

I love this print and the fact that it is water resistant. She could not have sent me a better one!! Having said that, there are over 44 different prints to choose from.  Each item can then be  monogrammed!!

Here are the printsto choose from.

 The other thing she sent to me was the insulated lunch bag. I have not had a chance to use it yet but once the weather warms up, the boys and I will be using it non-stop on our adventures.

If you like what you see here check out Barbs 31 website.


Tell her Christina sent you over. I know she will be thrilled to help you find some goodies of your own. Thanks again Barb for letting me blog about the 31  company and the incredible products they have.


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